Monday, 24 August 2015

Enjoy gamming with 2D/3D Animation

3D Joy Warrior Character Animation
3D Joy Warrior Character Animation
The 2D/3D concept  art ,2D is painting, and 3D is a sculpture. 2D concept  looks cartoonist but not real, in 3D concept looks cartoonist and real too.

2D/3D concept art , meaning of 2d is two dimensional and 3D means 3 dimensional.A concept artist is an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that doesn't exist.

3D Francsisco Character Modeling Animation
3D Francsisco Character Modeling Animation 

The concept art always cover many subjects and so many things. GameYan provides Pre Production Services in 2D / 3D Animation, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Character Design, Visual Effects, Film Editing and more with professionalism to achieve the best possible results.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bring your character to life by using Motion Capture

GameYan offers 3D character animation for game development and 3D production. Motion capture Animation is the process of transforming a live performance into a digital performance. GameYan has great versatility in Motion Capture 3D Animation.

GameYan tries to make Motion Capture Services as per the client requirements and budget. Also, gives high quality and reliable solutions for motion capture and animation needs to them. We offer full performance capture services by using powerful software’s and services, ensuring concurrent face, body, and audio capture wirelessly. We provide high quality and reliable solutions for motion capture and animation needs.
GameYan provide design, technology and asset generation to high-end feature entertainment. We have been able to seamlessly integrate Face ware’s facial motion capture technologies into our Post Production flow and with excellent results.

GameYan Motion capture Studio can make a critical difference in a project time-line, but the overhead of today’s marker-based systems makes the Process much more expensive than it should be

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Eye-catching 3D Characters Animation is both peculiar and wonderful

Warrior Creature Character Modeling
Tattoo Warrior Creature Character Modeling

GameYan Character Animation Studio is an expert when it comes to 3D character design art.

3D Game Character Modeling design is tricky to get right; after all the attention to detail; the careful method can be tedious enough to drive some of you crazy. However, there are some who attach at it and boy, are we glad they did. One such artist is the US based GameYan Studio.

Realistic Human Character Modeling
Realistic Human Character Modeling 

Our Creating work for big name of our satisfied clients, as well as personal projects, the artist certainly has a skill when it comes to producing the kind of 3D characters that will catch your eye.

Combine the cute with the weird; we have selected out a few of our favorite 3d characters from recently Worked Projects. You will fall in love with the color and overall implementation, with GameYan Studio style vital to their success.