Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An Introduction to Game Props Modeling

Hello People!!! We all enjoy playing games. They are just fun. Developers and designers put lot of efforts and take care of even minute things used while developing a Game. Characters, Props, CET, voice, background music, what not…
This time we will be focusing on Game Props Modeling!!!
What are Props in Game?

Assets like road, street light, waterfall, jungle, trees which categorizes the environment, comes under props. Second is, Gun, Knife, Sword or whatever a character is holding in its hand is known as prop. Props in simple language means the object that speaks about the action which a character is going to perform either currently or in near time.

2D Game Assest Design

How props are designed?
Props are created in low polygon using either Maya or Unity software. Usually,modeling props in Maya is preferable. Then, these low poly props models are dragged to Zbrush or Mudbox software for sculpting. Afterwards, a texture is created in ZBrush where a new terrain is drawn virtually. Then, again that prop is brought to Maya where a geometry map is created according to the texture. Finally, XY Shrink wrap script is used to adapt all the details from low poly props model and transform it to a high poly props model giving it a final shape.
If we focus more on Zbrush tool, this software is used for sculpting, detailing and rigging.
Sculpting means creating object by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques.
Detailing means addition of elements in a void object to give it an appropriate shape.
Rigging means supporting element of an object. Say for example, human beings have bones and joints which help them to move their hands and limbs. Similar way, props are given supporting element (rigged ) if required.
This was just an introduction to Game Props Modeling. I hope you have got an idea about modelling props in games which you were not aware before.
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Importance Understanding top Game Development Platforms

GameYan have always served as the catalysts of growth technologies. Whether consoles or applications, games led the futures market more than any other kind of soft. There are nearly a  decade, the game market has been limited to a few large publishers, but thanks to smart devices, this line has now gone. Individual developers can now find their way directly to the markets. The thing to consider, however, is the game development platform.
Increased demand for game application gave rise to game development platforms. Although iOS and Android continue to rule the market, one can not ignore the escalation of other platforms like Microsoft. Such a situation requires rational understanding of game development platforms for game developers.Here are some important reasons why understanding a game development platform is so important.
Almost all platforms provide developers with SDK. What differs is the robustness of the SDK. For example, if you are looking for lots of APIs, Unity perhaps could serve as the best platform for game development. GameYan  Game Development Studio in this platform will also give you support for multiple mobile platforms that include Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry also Android and iOS. This certainly gives it another plus point.
2 App Store, or both consoles
Survival of the fittest is the mantra that most applications follow stores. So you have to accept that while smart devices are paving the way for a developer in the big picture, survival is entirely in its hands of developers. That’s why most developers attempt to reach a wider audience by hitting both App Store and consoles. If your goal is just to hit the market the app, then you might want to go for the unit. But if PC and consoles are your goals then Unreal Engine provide a better platform. Some of you may want the other taste success on both levels.For them, Marmalade would be a better choice.
3 Opportunities
Relationship possibilities and game development platforms may seem strange to some of you. A simple example that clarifies the doubts. Unit 4 is free, but go to Unity Pro will cost $ 750 developer. Upside of Unity Pro is that it comes with optional add-ons for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This means that a single set of yours built with Unity Pro can hit three platforms.
You see now the great opportunity of spending $ 750? Corona SDK, Project Anarchy and many other platforms are there. If you are in more of a platform game development, then go for the one that offers you these new opportunities.
The Bottom Line
Whether a casual game or a multi-player game, every imaginable game in today’s time carries the potential to become a great success. But the central role played by the game development platform can not be ignored. Therefore, assess your skills and go for the one with which you can capture the whole picture with minimum hassle.
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