Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An Introduction to Game Props Modeling

Hello People!!! We all enjoy playing games. They are just fun. Developers and designers put lot of efforts and take care of even minute things used while developing a Game. Characters, Props, CET, voice, background music, what not…
This time we will be focusing on Game Props Modeling!!!
What are Props in Game?

Assets like road, street light, waterfall, jungle, trees which categorizes the environment, comes under props. Second is, Gun, Knife, Sword or whatever a character is holding in its hand is known as prop. Props in simple language means the object that speaks about the action which a character is going to perform either currently or in near time.

2D Game Assest Design

How props are designed?
Props are created in low polygon using either Maya or Unity software. Usually,modeling props in Maya is preferable. Then, these low poly props models are dragged to Zbrush or Mudbox software for sculpting. Afterwards, a texture is created in ZBrush where a new terrain is drawn virtually. Then, again that prop is brought to Maya where a geometry map is created according to the texture. Finally, XY Shrink wrap script is used to adapt all the details from low poly props model and transform it to a high poly props model giving it a final shape.
If we focus more on Zbrush tool, this software is used for sculpting, detailing and rigging.
Sculpting means creating object by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques.
Detailing means addition of elements in a void object to give it an appropriate shape.
Rigging means supporting element of an object. Say for example, human beings have bones and joints which help them to move their hands and limbs. Similar way, props are given supporting element (rigged ) if required.
This was just an introduction to Game Props Modeling. I hope you have got an idea about modelling props in games which you were not aware before.
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