Friday, 29 January 2016

Travel the world of Motion Capture Animations Studio with GameYan Studio

Motion Capture is precisely what it says: it's physical moves, though execution catch is the whole execution – including your facial execution. In case you're doing, say, combative technique for a computer game,that is movement catch. This is fundamentally another method for recording a performer's execution: sound, facial and physical. Say Andy Serkis .

Motion Capture has turned into the soul technology in creating 3D Games, movie picture/film generation keeping in mind the end goal to get reasonable human developments. Remember?? The 3D film, Avatar which released at the end of December 2009. This is the best sample one can use to portray this innovation. In any case, yes the making of the motion picture took parcel of time. This film was made utilizing Optical Motion Capture System

That year and this year, innovation has propelled a considerable measure. Contrasting and Traditional Marker-based Optical Motion Capture Systems, Marker less Motion Capture Animation Studio is more advent and expensive. This studio does not require any chrome impacts or uncommon suites with markers, this best in class innovation takes a shot at particular calculations to track movements of ongoing. Presently, the artists and amusement engineers can catch impeccable movements in brief timeframe. 
GameYan is about Marker less Motion Capture Animations. From making Face Motion Capture to Full Body Motion Capture and Real Time Motion Capture , this movement studio has denoted its foot shaped impressions in the realm of 3D activity.

Using Marker less Motion Capture Animation Studio, GameYan has achieved specialization in creating miraculous 3D Character Animations for game development, film and movie production, commercial and emerging forms of interactive media with Motion Capture technology. We focus on fine motions of humans and translate it to a usable digital format. With lot of innovations, research and efforts, we create these illusions and add life in them. To retain the integrity of the Character’s performance, driven through the real world, we use MoCap Data.
Here are few of our examples which have created great impact in the world of 3D Animations.
We Provided Services in Character Modeling , Rigging – Animation , Shading – Lighting – Rendering Game Devlopment , Visaul Effect , Production, post production for movies, games etc..

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