Sunday, 27 September 2015

Innovative 3D Character Modeling Designs

 “3D Character Modeling is an illusion of a deep perception. You can only create a character when you succeed in imagining that same real life character.”

3D Character Modeling Design involves lot of innovative ideas and research which helps in designing that notion to creation. At the end, when it is completely designed with some graphic effects, that character depicts the entire story behind its inception. These designed characters have significance or rather say play an iconic role in the world of 3D technology.
3D Pirate Woman Game Character Animation
3D Pirate Woman Game Character Animation
3D woman pirate character is an amazing example of 3D Character Modeling,Texturing and Rigging Animation. Beautifully created using motion graphics, sound and visual effects.These 3D character designs are modelled using various tools and techniques like 3DS Max, ZBrush, Maya, Unity, Unreal, Modo, Blender, Cinema 4D, Light wave and VUE. These characters becomes the soul of any 3D games, cartoon series or animated movies because of the motion graphic or sound effects that are integrated during their creation.Here’s a walkthrough of magnificent 3D Character Modeling Designs

3D Military Man Character Modeling

The character concept and military suit design says it all about the 3D character modelling.

3D Quadruped Character Animation
3D Quadruped Character Animation
After getting a glimpse of this image, hardly one can differentiate between the real and 3D quadruped character animation.

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