Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Make your Character Impactful with Character Lighting and Shading

Character Lighting and Rendering Company New York,USA
Character Lighting and Rendering Company

Light probes are an advanced technique for lighting dynamic objects and Characters Rendering with high-quality baked lighting.

Objects and characters are looks very attractive and impactful while having lighting and shading.
While doing lighting We must have to take care about highlights and shadows. Because, they created by a light source coming from a particular direction.

Shading gives a great effect on the skin of the character, metal , cloth and other objects.Shading depends on the lighting . How ? the light source desides the direction of shading. And Shadows can also vary in tone, according to intensity of the light and tone of its background.

3d Lighting Shader Rendering Studio
3d Lighting Shader Rendering Studio

Character Lighting and Rendering is a key step in the animation process.with the Lighting techniqes artist can show whther that character or background is in romentic, day ,night, angry etc.

Same thing goes with the Character shading , we can show character or background in different modes an moods.Bright light makes shadows transparent due to reflected light.Source of light desides the shading path. For example , if light strikes directly shading for the shadow will be very long .

GameYan Studio specializing in various rendering techniques that commonly used including Ray tracing,Shading,Lighitng, Radiosity and Scanline.

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