Saturday, 12 March 2016

Fastrack Car Driving Game to be played using Google Cardboard Glasses

FasTrack VR Available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.
On February 23, 2016- GameYan announced the launch of Fastrack Car Driving Game. It is the first gaming application designed to be played using Google Cardboard Glasses and other 3D VR Headsets.
FasTrack VR Game from GameYan Studio features the most popular sport car racing in action form. The game is not about just racing, it’s about victory. The game takes you back to the fantasy of the Hollywood movie  Death Race where prisoners compete for their freedom and lives.
Introducing for the first time the action thriller car racing game using VR technology which will make feel the adrenaline rush in you. It is mainly a power game.  The cars designed in the game have been heavily modified with armour plating, machine guns and defensive weapons. Animation and graphics are tremendous, features of this game are enthralling and user interface is eye-catchy.  It’s a real adventure. Must a play!
About GameYan Studio
GameYan is loyal to delivering high quality 3D Game Modeling, Film Production, VFX, Motion Capture and Animation Services for TV, feature film and Games. Our main focus is on the Game Character Modeling and Rigging, 3D Game Assets for Pre/Post-Production for Movie and short films, cinematic video content, TV advertisement & commercials animation content and Game Development. A professionally managed Game Animation Company based in India and USA.
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