Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Pre-Production – The Initial Stage of Any Visual Project

Pre-Production!!! What is pre-production?
It is important rather say crucial stage of any project. Concept, story writing, scripting, character designing, voice hover and what not is included. Production and Post Production stage depends upon this first step. As it is truly said “If you toil in your First Step and it is accurate and well defined  then you can walk rest of the steps nimble and easy.”

Other than the major steps described above, there are list of tasks which we need to execute in this stage. If not, then these small-small things can create a blunder in the final stage.

Let’s shed light on the steps involved in Pre-Production
  1. Concept: Before making any film, advertising or game, we need to create a concept. Without the concept, the story will not be able to attract the audience. Take any media company, say Game Development Studio, Animation Movie Production Companies, Film Animation Companies, Film Production Company and other such companies work day and night for concept and title first and then proceed for the story writing.
  2. Story Writing: Concept is ready, title is finalized. Now the writer envisions the story and connects it with the concept. He draws the focus of the audience towards the concept and brings out the purpose behind his story writing.
  3. Script Writing: Now, time for some action, dialogs and scripts. These three elements are the punching part of any visual project. Scripts, action and dialogs are sequenced and written considering the characters and the scene.
  4. Storyboard: Storyboard is like a flip book. What action a character performs in a particular scene is drawn. Though, a rough sketch but storyboard gives a clear picture of the movements of a character and how the scene is going to look like.
  5. Voice Hover : Usually, in films the characters speak their dialogs but what about animated films? Voice hover artists record the dialogs of the characters in the first stage so that when the final character is modelled, the recorded voice can be integrated during designing it with the final character model.
  6. Animatic Effects : These effects are made after storyboard and voice hover. Once character is designed, the recorded voice is integrated with it for testing purpose before the final designing and effects.
  7. Character Design with clay sculpting: First, artists draw rough sketches of a character. Then character is sculpted with clay. Sculpting and designing of a character is done to clear the imagination of the story and type of characters required in a particular scene. This type of character designing and clay sculpting is done in large media companies like Animation Production Companies, Game Development Studios, Animation Movie Production Companies.
Hope this short and precise introduction to pre-production will give you a clear idea what is preproduction and why it is requisite.
GameYan is one of the good companies involved in Pre-production. Its recent examples can be seen in the website page as well http://www.gameyan.com/project.html.
Take a look on the recent examples,

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